Internal communications

You’ve read the studies. The way to boost productivity, retention and corporate karma is through employee engagement.

And that’s all about internal communications.

Here’s how we help.

Audits. Do you know what’s working, what isn’t and what should be added (or taken away)? We’ll revitalize your communications through surveys, focus groups, employee personas, leadership interviews, and content and vehicle analyses. Learn more about what’s involved in our audits.

Manager training. Managers are the in-betweeners. They’re supposed to deliver messages from the leaders and return with questions and concerns. The path is often rocky – in both directions. We’ll help you improve the “cascade” and turn your managers into expert communicators.

Executive comms. Is your CEO charming in person but a Madame Tussauds waxwork in front of a crowd? Does the boss sweat when reporters call? Cheer up: Communications charisma can be learned. Get your Big Kahuna to work with us, and you’ll never again cringe at a Town Hall or the next SXSW.

Speechwriting. We wordsmiths, whether communicators or former journalists, often think of ourselves as jacks-of-all-trades. Speechwriting, however, is an animal unto itself. Learn how to grab and fire up audiences with your words.

Change communications. “Evolve or die!” your red-faced CEO brays. But what does that mean for you? The chiefs need to partner strategically with comms to engage employees, whether the change is in mission, the merger, the bad news or the technology.

Influence without authority. Sing along, folks, to the ballad of the lonesome internal communicator. Your audience is scattered across the country, perhaps around the globe. They’re not direct reports you can order around. How do you influence those you have no authority over? We’ll reveal the secrets.

Presentation skills. There are major challenges when speaking to others, in person or via a distance-learning platform. We’ll cover everything from audience analysis to the nine delivery skills guaranteed to win hearts and minds.

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