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When it comes to good storytelling, we have strong opinions.

When it comes to good storytelling, we have strong opinions.

We believe in the beauty of the first sentence, quotes that sing, color that gives us a good visual and a headline you can’t ignore. We believe every story should be as long as it should be, and not a word longer. We don’t like the serial comma, but many of our clients do, so we’re trying to deal with it. We hate jargon and corporate-speak, as everyone should.

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What our clients say:

Sally Covington, formerly of Allegheny County Airport Authority and Denver Water

“RCG helped transform the way we did communication and the result was a more efficient and effective process. By creating creative and strategic content and ‘owning our own stories’, both the water utility and the airport are viewed as leaders in their respective industries. From gaining international media attention on water issues to interviews on national news about airport innovation, the results are remarkable. The team understands how to hit the sweet spot of integrated marketing and comms.”

Cheryl Burke, Panasonic Automotive

“RCG helped launch our first electric bicycle extension into the US/NA region, which was staged during the largest electronics event in the world, CES, and proved to be a creatively challenged project. Justin was able to help create exciting, consumer/press footage and videos to effectively convey our products purpose.  The result was an extraordinary package of motion film work that entailed immense terrain challenges to film.  He attacked it all with great professionalism, enthusiasm and creativity.  We would definitely find a way to work with Justin again!”

Greg Healy, CSL Behring

“Working with the team at RCG – we transitioned traditional ‘corporate communications’ into an award-winning, global content generation team – utilizing brand journalism – to publish authentic stories daily while helping establish communications as a critical business function that adds value to the patients and stakeholders who rely on us. The team at Ragan has been a valuable partner throughout the entire transformation, including ensuring our new award-winning site has elements that reflect a ‘news’ site and providing memorable video, visual, headline writing and storytelling trainings as we continue to evolve in the fast-moving communications and biotechnology industries. “

Mark Hendrickson, Moffitt Cancer Center

“Jim Ylisela and his team of seasoned experts started with a comprehensive communications audit that helped set the strategy for how we would proceed with improvements for both internal and external communications vehicles. With data in hand, Jim worked with my team as we embarked on a complete overhaul of our news site that included implementation of a newsroom meeting structure, further development of my writing team and a new brand journalism site. RCG has been a trusted partner bringing a dynamic energy, strategic thinking and true partnership in navigating not only improvements with our team but also with executive leadership support at Moffitt.”

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