Brand Journalism

Tell your own story.

That’s the essence of brand journalism: the simple idea that your organization is in the best position to break its own news, showcase its expertise and deliver thought leadership to your many audiences, internally and externally.

Not so simple, you say? That’s where we come in.

We’ve been helping organizations build and operate brand journalism programs since 2010 – before anyone even heard the term.

What is brand journalism?

What is brand journalism?

Think of it this way…

We will help you…

Make your business case

Build leadership support by demonstrating how effective storytelling ties directly to strategy and goals.

Develop storytellers

Train your team to produce stories in all formats that resonate with all audiences.

Establish a newsroom

Reorganize your comms teams to plan, create and distribute your best content.

Measure effectiveness

Not on outputs, but on outcomes: audience awareness, reputation and expertise.

Extend your reach

Go direct to your audience and refine your pitching strategy to media and other third parties.

Are you ready to be a brand journalist?

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Media Relations & Public Affairs

Build your media plan and improve your media coverage.

Brand Journalism

Who you are, what you do and why it matters to your target audience.

Internal Communications

Develop strategic comms, boost engagement and train your managers.