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The 7 questions you should be asking about brand journalism

It might seem the same as content marketing, but there are key differences

PR pitches and promotes. Marketing drives leads and sells. Brand journalism offers a third way, by showcasing your expertise (the brand part) with compelling storytelling techniques (the journalism part).

For communicators, brand journalism is a lot more fun than churning out boring press releases, drab web copy and mind-numbing white papers.

It’s also a lot more work.

In the latest guide from Ragan Consulting Group, you’ll learn:

  • How to build your business case for brand journalism
  • How to tell if you’re already doing brand journalism
  • Whether you should build your news site on your mothership or a separate platform
  • Why brand journalism is as much a management change as an editorial one
  • How media will react to you writing (and publishing) your own stories

And yes, we’ll explain the difference between brand journalism and content marketing.

Download your guide now.

7 questions you should be asking about brand journalism

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