The Power of Story.

Storytelling is the oldest and most enduring form of communication, and yet in many organizations it is still considered a trivial pursuit championed by frustrated English majors.

No longer. Given the tumultuous pace of change in our world, organizations are discovering that the best way to connect with their many audiences is through the power of story. Information is important, but fleeting. Stories stick.

Here’s how we can help:

Storytelling for communicators

We’ll help your communicators raise their game to engage employees, customers and other constituencies, using the powerful tools of narrative: anecdote, color, context, example and voice.

Leadership communications

When leaders speak, their words matter. We work with executives, managers and subject matter experts to help them convey their message with meaning, authority, inspiration and empathy.

Writing for non-writers

Clear and concise writing is critical throughout your enterprise. It helps front-line employees connect better with customers and improves efficiency among teams. We’ll help you improve the communications that are the lifeblood of organizations.

Our approach

We teach workshops and provide longer-term coaching and guidance.

We’ll also help you uncover the common barriers to good storytelling: time, legacy tasks that no longer matter, approvals and the fear of creativity.

Some of our clients include:

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Other RCG services.

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Strategic Planning

Align your comms plan to business goals and targets.

Brand Journalism

Who you are, what you do and why it matters to your target audience.

Manager Communications

Avoid confusion or misinformation in the workplace.