Brand journalism

Arrrgh! That great story idea you pitched to news outlets?

They ignored you. Every one of them.

So why is your PR strategy focused on begging distracted reporters for attention?

Own your fate. Be your own publisher. Join the most liberating force in communications today—brand journalism.

At Ragan Consulting, we’ll help you ditch the rah-rah, ribbon-cutting stories, and cover your most vital news in a journalistic style, publishing direct to your audience while still piquing reporters’ interest.

Here’s what we do:

  • Create newsrooms. We’ll help you set up a news desk to plan, filter, develop and distribute content through multiple channels.
  • Coach storytellers. We’ll train you to produce stories that readers and viewers love—and that journalists beg to write and broadcast.
  • Reveal pitching tactics. Not getting traction with journalists? We’ll help you refine your pitching strategy.
  • Reveal marketing secrets. Find out how to develop promotional and launch plans for the news site.
  • Teach measurement tactics. We’ll train you how to prove your successes and avoid wasting time on failing strategies. Bonus: You’ll learn to demonstrate your worth to your execs at budget time.

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