5 terrific video formats to showcase your leaders

Whether you seek to highlight execs’ expertise or reveal their personal side to employees, authenticity is crucial. Here’s how to play to their strengths and wow your audience.

We often hear, “We need to put our leaders on video; employees want to see them.”

Well that’s a great idea—in theory—but often the execution ruins all those good intentions. The main issue? The leader comes off dry, corporate and impersonal.

You’re better off playing to your top execs’ strengths to capture their particular personas and convey authenticity.

So, next time you’re thinking about doing a leadership video, consider these five formats:

1. Product intro/demo video: Showcase your leaders getting their hands dirty with the product, and everyone from colleagues to customers will trust them. (They must have intensive product knowledge to make this work.)

2. Thought leadership video: Nothing inspires confidence among the rank and file (and your customers) like an executive on the forefront of trends. These are easy-to-produce, “talking head plus text” videos that make a big impact. (Share knowledge, lots of it.)

3. Honest interview video: This is what a candid one-on-one is all about: Get your exec to open up in a tough interview with an employee, client or partner, and the impact far outweighs the temporary stress. (Be sure to ask tough questions.)

4. CEO vlog video: Very few can pull it off, but those who can? They’re household names. (Be consistent.)

5. Funny video: When done well, there’s nothing better than a self-aware, self-deprecating video from a company executive team. But be very wary of execs who only think they can do comedy, as it’s likely to flop. (Be sure your editor understands and has experience with editing comedy.)

For more video tips, read the full report.

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