PR and media relations

Taking charge of your relationships with journalists requires skill—and not just when the relationship is adversarial.

Inexperienced executives often let journalists set the agenda, rather than pushing their own. Yet even interviews that feel like a breezy chat can result in stories that serve little strategic purpose.

Likewise, journalists often ignore news releases and press conferences you thought would be no-brainers. Someone has to tell them the story.

Learn to control your own message. Whether it’s your spokespeople, executives or entire team, we’ll train you to ace any interview. Likewise, we’ll teach you how to pitch stories that journalists will pounce on.

How? Like this:

  • Media training workshops. Our veteran pros—including award-winning former journalists—will teach your team to navigate today’s news media landscape.
  • Message development. We’ll help you develop key messages, snackable soundbites, persuasive proof points and humanizing anecdotes for interviews and other situations.
  • Mock interviews and executive training. That CEO of yours: brilliant in your global town hall live-cast, but shifty-looking during what should have been a slam-dunk TV interview. We’ll prepare your leaders and spokespeople to be sharp and incisive for the rough-and-tumble confrontational interview, and eloquent and charming for the winning feature. Hone your messages into sound bites that reporters will use. We’ll prep you for live TV, recording mock interviews and playing them back for analysis.
  • Crisis communications. Only 10 percent of organizations believe they’re ready for a crisis. Your next blowup is only a tweet away. With major mishaps making the headlines every day, you can’t afford to be unprepared. We’ll get you ready, through training, crisis simulations and on-call assistance.
  • PR measurement. Metrics matter. What gets measured gets done. We’ll help you pick the measurement tools and identify the metrics that work best for you. And we’ll help you deliver them in a way that business leaders can understand.
  • Pitching and placement. How’s your pitching? Are you able to grab a reporter’s attention quickly – and deliver the goods? We’ll show you how to craft pitches that engage distracted reporters working in print, broadcast and the web.

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