Stories rule.


We're storytellers first.

We live and work in an age of distraction. Great storytelling cuts through the noise and the clutter to connect with your many audiences. Compelling stories inform and educate, inspire and entertain. They resound internally and externally. In words, images and video. In any format. On any device. Every organization has stories. We help you find them, tell them and share them.


Let's talk!

We don’t do cookie cutter. No consulting in a box. Looking for a new communications strategy? A revamped editorial structure? Intrigued by the storytelling power of brand journalism? Need to boost your skills in writing, video, infographics? Not sure? It all starts with a conversation.



What we do

Brand Journalism

Combine the tools and techniques of journalism—reporting and storytelling, video, photography and infographics—with what makes your organization a dynamic brand: your people and expertise, and your place in the world. We’ll help you establish an editorial process, train your storytellers, launch your digital platform and measure its effectiveness.

Communications audits

You can’t succeed as a publisher (and trust us, you’re a publisher) without knowing what’s working, what isn’t and what needs to change. We use all the tools—surveys, focus groups and leadership interviews—along with a comprehensive content and vehicle analysis to help you improve communication to all audiences.

Editorial structure and process

Great storytelling is the fun part, but you need a system to help you plan, execute and deliver content that meets your needs—and your business goals. We call this the News Desk, an editorial process that breaks down stubborn silos and creates a news team that collaborates across disciplines.

Training & workshops

We’ll hold custom workshops at your shop, and then follow up remotely with one-on-one coaching and other services. We build those sessions around our review of your own content, whether it’s writing and editing, video storytelling, infographics or other topics. We also deliver customized, conferences around an agenda you set.


Video is critical on any publishing platform. We’ll train your communicators in basic video storytelling or help you build a sophisticated video platform and library. We’ll teach you the fundamentals of video editing, offer remote coaching or edit your videos for you. We also provide webcasting and other video services.


There are great stories inside all the data and statistics your organization generates. Infographics dominate on social media and make great media pitches. We pair writers and designers to turn words, images and data into powerful stories. We’ll hold on-site workshops and work directly (onsite and remotely) with your teams.

Custom publishing

Some organizations want to produce great stories but don’t have the staff to do it themselves. Our content producers can deliver custom articles, infographics and video. They will participate in your News Desk meetings, work with you to develop story ideas, interview subject matter experts and deliver content on deadline.

“The death of traditional media is opening up limitless possibilities for companies with a story to tell.

Every organization has the potential of becoming a media company. We need to stop begging the media and become the media instead.”

– Mark Ragan, Co-founder, RCG


The story of us

Every time Mark Ragan or Jim Ylisela gave a workshop or spoke at a Ragan conference, someone in the audience (often several someones) would ask: “Can you come to my organization and help us with that?” Uh, yeah. That’s why Mark and Jim created Ragan Consulting Group, and then invited their friends (who happen to be top consultants in their fields) to join them.


Some of our customers include: