Manager Communications

Turn effective managers into great communicators.

Managers are the in-betweeners. They’re supposed to deliver messages from leaders and return with questions, concerns and feedback. The path can be rocky – in both directions. The famed “cascade” of communications sometimes looks more like a trickle.

We’ll help you make effective messaging a key part of what managers already do – or should be doing, with a little help from communicators. The payoff is enhanced employee engagement, productivity and retention.

How to begin?
Here are some programs we offer:


We’ll talk with your managers, review the comms channels they use and content they receive to determine the gaps between what they need and want vs. what they are getting. Then, we’ll build a plan to close those gaps.


Many managers are promoted because of their operational expertise, not necessarily their leadership skills. We offer training and coaching, from our customized Comms 101 Workshop for Managers to more advanced skills building and coaching.

Manager Communications Program and Portal

Create a system and space just for people leaders that supplies tip sheets, talking points, guides for direct report one-on-ones and team meetings, videos and stories on leadership and more.

Remote Leadership

Leading from a distance takes new skills, more frequent and engaging check-ins, and exercising the muscles of transparency and compassion.

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Meet some of our consultants:

Manager Communications Consultant

Bryant Hilton is a manager communications consultant. As a global communications leader, he helps clients cultivate strategies that increase employee engagement, especially during transition, growth and crisis.

Bryant Hilton

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Employee Engagement & Culture Consultant

Kristin Graham

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As a former journalist, Kristin looks at the latest on brain science, psychology and marketing to figure out how to be heard in a noisy world. For the last several years, Kristin led culture and communications at Amazon and helped launch resources that illuminate Amazon’s unique culture.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant

Kim Clark is a diversity, equity and inclusion consultant She has long focused on messaging, audiences and how communications shape people's experience. Her career spans radio, documentary filmmaking, agency partnerships with Discovery Channel, marketing, brand strategy, writing, training and teaching at a university.

Kim Clark

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