Digital Workplace

Your workplace transformed.

The workplace is forever changed.

Corporate headquarters are up for sale or being remodeled. Teams are permanently working from home or taking a hybrid approach to returning to the office. Town halls are forever changed, in-office perks are a thing of the past and “watercooler” conversations have gone virtual.

Productivity, corporate culture, wellbeing, collaboration and communications can all still happen. You just need to harness the power of the digital workplace.

Your digital headquarters must be interactive, easy to use, mobile friendly and packed full of storytelling and resources. It is a place to connect and collaborate with peers, a forum for deliberation and a one-stop shop for need-to-know information. In short, it is an essential place where employees actually want to go.

Here’s how we can help:


Before we talk about shiny new objects, we take a moment to learn, listen and understand. Are you on the right path? What’s working and what isn’t? What needs to change? We’ll review your strategy, talk with stakeholders, test your current platforms and survey your workforce.


Based on our research, we’ll create a plan for improvement. This might include identifying new vendors and platforms, drafting a requirements document for digital tools and channels, and working with your IT staff to establish support and buy-in.


Once the plan is set we’ll help you launch new platforms, creating training materials and sessions, adopt sustainable plans, and develop editorial and communications strategies.

Important note: We are platform agnostics. We do not have parternships or collaborations with any third-party vendors and will help you choose the right tools based solely on your specific needs.

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