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Staff Room

Your consultants should understand your industry

Meet The RCG Leadership Team.

Jim Ylisela

Co-founder & Partner

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Rebecca Shaffer

Managing Partner

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Michael Duff

Co-owner & Partner

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Kristin Hart

Head of Business Development

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Deonna Gallucci

Administrative & Project Manager

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Meet Our Consultants.

Julie Baron

Change & Strategic Comms Consultant

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Kim Clark

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant

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Tom Corfman

Brand Journalism & PR Consultant

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Joe Friedman

Persuasion & Influence Consultant

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Rob Friedman

Speechwriting & Executive Comms Consultant

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Katrina Gill

Measurement Consultant

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Kristin Graham

Employee Engagement & Culture Consultant

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Bryant Hilton

Manager Communications Consultant

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Nick Lanyi

Crisis Communications & Brand Journalism Consultant

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Jonathan Phillips

Digital Communications Consultant

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Eileen Ryan

Photography Consultant

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Bob Zeni

Visual Design Consultant

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When it comes to good storytelling, we have strong opinions.

We believe in the beauty of the first sentence, quotes that sing, color that gives us a good visual and a headline you can’t ignore. We believe every story should be as long as it should be, and not a word longer. We don’t like the serial comma, but many of our clients do, so we’re trying to deal with it. We hate jargon and corporate-speak, as everyone should.

Who We Are.

We’re not your typical consultants – parachuting in, spouting jargon and offering templated solutions from some other client’s long-ago problems. We don’t send in junior staffers to do the work because we don’t have any junior staffers.

We listen first. We speak your language. We’ve worked in the trenches. We help you solve problems because we’ve seen so many of them before. And when we haven’t, we know where to find the right solutions. We thrive on figuring out new challenges.

The genesis of all this? It seems that every time Mark Ragan or Jim Ylisela taught a workshop or spoke at a Ragan Communications conference, someone in the audience (often several someones) would ask: “Can you come to my organization and help us with that?” Well, sure.

Mark and Jim got so many of those requests that they decided to create Ragan Consulting Group and invite their friends (who happen to be top consultants in their respective fields) to join them. The result is the brilliant array of communications talent you see here.

We believe in:

Clarity: We aim for simplicity and transparency.

Inclusion: So that everyone feels like they belong.

Integrity: We say what we mean and mean what we say.

Open-mindedness: No one has a monopoly on knowledge & creativity.

Respect: Great ideas often come from unlikely places.

Everyone has a story. And every organization is full of them. Stories are the way we convey information, engage our audiences and push for change. At a time when our attention is yanked every which way by texts, email, social media, popups and cat videos, we’ll help you find—and tell—your best story. We believe in storytelling because stories stick.

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Our Values.


We take ownership over our work, actions and words.


We help build communities among employees, customers and the world we serve.


We guide our clients – and ourselves – towards more inclusive practices.


We understand the pressure to deliver. We revel in what works and learn from what doesn’t.


We work with—and for—people we like, respect and admire.


We think everyone would do better if we were all a little nicer to each other.

Get a personal consultation.

It’s not an easy job, but we can help

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