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Some people say it’s bad manners to talk about money. We disagree. People want to know what it will take to send their kids to college or buy their first home. Small businesses need help navigating the shifting economy. Investors are looking for guidance in a volatile marketplace, to grow their wealth and plan for a comfortable retirement.

So yeah, we need to talk about money. Plenty. And banks and financial services companies are in the perfect spot to tell these and other stories.

But money is complicated. Financial services can be quite complex and often confusing. Good storytelling is about accessibility – demystifying finance for the novice while providing insight for the more knowledgeable.

And about that fine print. There are rules and regulations that govern what financial institutions can do and say. Those obstacles leave some communicators feeling too constricted to be effective storytellers.

Don’t let it be so. We’ve helped companies in these industries tell better stories, to customers and employees alike; launch brand journalism platforms; and tell their brand stories, in print, video and graphics. We’re ready to help you, too.

We can help. We’ve helped utilities tell better stories, build digital platforms, respond to crises, and engage their audiences internally and externally.

At Denver Water, the utility’s communicators developed a business case for better storytelling that aimed to showcase their expertise, increase their share of the conversation around water and take us behind the scenes of what it takes to run a utility responsible for one of the world’s most precious resources.

And to what end: Because when it comes to energy, utilities must prepare for some difficult conversations: about supply and demand, about safety, about climate change and alternative energies. We can help you do that.

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