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The Urgency of Now: How to address – and remedy – racial inequality in your organization

Still reeling from COVID-19 and its economic aftershocks, organizations are now grappling with how to address their own entrenched, pervasive racial inequality brought into sharp view by the murder of George Floyd and the rise, once again, of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Many companies have good intentions on diversity, equity and inclusion, but statements of support and social media posts clearly aren’t enough. As organizations, we have to understand the difference between performative allyship and true allyship. Organizations have to become the change they’re advocating. Words are powerful, but companies will ultimately be judged by the actions they take inside and outside their walls.

And the grace period is expiring.

Communicators, as strategic advisors and consultants can drive this change. Where to start? Understand where you are, to understand the path forward. Benchmarking is key to any business strategy and DE&I is no different. Ragan Consulting Group and Employera are working together to help organizations:

  • Determine their “DEI IQ,” both internally and externally, combining, policies, programs, culture and communications assessments that influence both the employee experience and public perception of your brand.
  • Find their voice through more personal storytelling and in-depth reporting about race and diversity in their organizations and industries.
  • Train employees, managers and leaders where it’s needed most.
  • Develop a strategic plan to execute – and communicate – real and meaningful change.
  • Meaningfully measure and report the progress and impact of these efforts.

Our comprehensive program engages with employees, managers and leaders throughout your organization. We’ll work with you to design the program that meets your needs, budget and timeline. Here’s an overview of our services:

Diagnostic: Do you know your DEI IQ™?

Using our proprietary diagnostic tool, Employera and Ragan Consulting Group will establish a baseline score for the current state of your diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. The IQ is based on our review of your documentation, one-on-one interviews, our DE&I survey and an external perception audit.

Here are the components of your DEI IQ:

  • Diversity metrics
  • Plans
  • Internal communications
  • Meaningful actions
  • Policies
  • Recruiting
  • External perceptions
  • Readiness for change
  • Governance
  • Internal programs
  • Community engagement
  • Employee experience

Each area is evaluated on our six-point scale. The sum of your scores reveals your DEI IQ. What you’ll receive:

  • Your DEI IQ, by category and total
  • Summary of key findings, including pros and cons
  • Concerns and gaps
  • Where to prioritize: Short-, mid- and long-term recommendations for action

Pricing for the diagnostic comes in three levels, based on the sophistication of your organization’s engagement with DE&I, as the more sophisticated the more hours of discovery, analysis and recommendations are required.

Don’t have any DE&I initiatives, programs or policies? Ask about our DE&I JumpStart, a lighter analysis and custom recommendations about how to get going. Design note: please pull this out maybe in a shaded box? Nothing too loud just a soft callout.

Strategy and Action Plan

Change is fundamental. But the impatience for significant change has to be tempered with the need for a strategic plan to roll out change in a meaningful and lasting way. In these strategic planning sessions, we’ll work with you to:

  • Identify the areas that require change, such as employer branding, talent acquisition and recruitment marketing, professional development programs, workshops for employees, changes in supervisory, leadership and board representation, external storytelling and public affairs, etc.
  • Identify short-term, mid-range and long-term changes that are visible and meaningful. Short-term efforts demonstrate your commitment to change. Mid-term changes demonstrate a sustained effort, and long-term changes show a commitment to solving the most intractable problems.
  • Execute the change. There’s plenty of work to be done. Our experts are available to help you dig into existing documents, write new policy and programs, design trainings, conduct workshops, and help move toward real changes in recruiting, retention, professional development and leadership.
  • Change communication. We’ll help you to develop a change communication plan that keeps employees involved, engaged and committed.
  • We’ll help you develop the right metrics, dashboards and reports to chart your progress.


We offer a variety of custom DE&I virtual training options for employees, managers and leaders. Sessions can be held after our diagnostic, or anytime. You can customize the content for a small group or generalize it for an all-hands meeting. In these sessions, we can cover a variety of content including:

  • What unconscious bias is, how it shows up and the impact it has.
  • How to call special attention to individual groups while being inclusive of all workers.
  • How to manage your teams with a sense of belonging.
  • How to be and how to teach others to be a conscious communicator.
  • What inclusive language is and how to incorporate it in your messaging.
  • How to be inclusive in all communications channels from print, photos and graphics to video.
  • The importance of ongoing communication, leadership messaging and training around the subject.
  • How to create meaningful Employee Resource Groups that provide value to the whole organization
  • How to choose words and visuals that create a sense of inclusion and belonging for your audience
  • The difference between allyship and performative allyship, and how to take meaningful action

Go deeper with offer subject-specific workshops:

  • DE&I for managers: Microaggressions and the decision-making influence of unconscious bias in hiring, promotions, performance reviews and feedback
  • Social media: Go beyond posts of support and embed DE&I into all your messages to build community trust
  • Change management: How to bring the organization along—even the detractors
  • Employer branding and talent marketing: How to ensure your public-facing employer brand reflects your DE&I beliefs, attracts a diverse talent pool and represents your diverse clients
  • Crisis communications: How to handle a DE&I related crisis in an authentic, timely and factual way

Inclusive Language Guide

You can’t expect employees, managers and leaders to just know what to say or not to say. You have to show them through clear guidelines and training. A guide sets expectations of how employees will relate to each other and supports a culture of respect. We believe an inclusive language guide is as necessary as an organization’s code of conduct, employee handbook or brand guidelines.

We’ll work with you to create an inclusive language guide that can be used at any level of the organization. We’ll also provide training sessions for your audiences to ensure everyone understands the purpose of the guide and how to use it.

Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing

Your employer brand is the way you present your company to the world as a place to work. It’s made up of the sum total of the language, images and videos on your career site and career social media pages, the opinions of candidates, employees and alumni on Glassdoor and other ratings sites, your job postings and recruitment ads; even your search returns and news about your company. Together, those impressions have a great impact on candidate opinions about your employer brand. We offer support in:

  1. Benchmarking your employer brand, and its current state of DE&I friendliness against three key competitors or role model brands of your choice.
  2. Assessing the state of your Talent Acquisition operations with regard to DE&I issues.
  3. Making DE&I friendly revisions to your Employer Value Proposition (EVP), and other important candidate facing language.
  4. Updates to your career site and social media pages.
  5. Revising or building new recruitment marketing programs to engage diverse communities.

We provide consultation and planning, and/or complete program design, graphic and web design, execution and ongoing program management. We’re happy to fit in wherever you can use the help.

Strategic DE&I Event Planning

An open dialogue with employees builds trust and opens eyes and minds to others’ experiences. We offer help with two kinds of listening sessions:

  1. Employee experience panels
  2. Leadership listening sessions

Each approach achieves a different outcome: Depending on your goals we may use one or both of these strategies:

Employee experience panels. A cohort of employees speak to the broader employee base, like at a town hall, to share their personal experiences and stories. Grounding these events with historical and/or social context helps educate employees in understanding the key issues and how they came to be barriers to equity today. Many organizations are conducting panels like this around experiences for Black employees, Asian employees, Latinx or Hispanic employees. We’d work with you to determine the right panel of speakers, format and timing. We’d work with those employees to help identify their stories and bring them to life. We recommend doing these throughout the year and attaching them to an action plan, so these stories aren’t told in vain. The events should inspire and lead to meaningful action. We recommend 60- to 90-min. events.

Leadership listening sessions. These sessions provide access for marginalized populations in your workforce, (i.e. Black/African American employees, Latinx/Hispanic, LGBTQ+, women, ability, Asian/Southeast Asian/Indian, veterans, etc.) to speak with senior executives in a small group, and a safe setting to share their experiences. We’ll work with you to identify the right leaders, employee groups, format and the goals attached to these sessions. We recommend completing a minimum of three leadership listening sessions to get a more complete picture of experiences to help drive your action plan, repeated each year. We suggest 45 – 60-minute sessions.

We also can provide DE&I speakers on a variety of topics for Town Hall meetings, board meetings and leadership forums to provide an outside perspective and set the stage for DE&I work to come.

The Story Project: Better storytelling around diversity, equity and inclusion

Becoming a more inclusive organization is about listening to employees and leaders alike, about their own experiences with these issues. We’ll help you find your authentic voice, which can take many forms, including:

  • Oral histories
  • Written essays
  • Video
  • Photography

We’ll also work with your communications team to improve the way you report and write about race and other diversity issues, including:

  • Impact on your business and industry
  • Trends and data stories
  • First-person accounts
  • Interviews and features
  • Thought leadership, internal and external
  • Brand journalism

DEI IQ™ QuickTake

This short quiz, developed by Ragan Consulting Group and Employera, will give you a snapshot of where your organization stands on key elements of DE&I and identify gaps you should address on the path to becoming truly divers, equitable and inclusive.

Take the quiz:

What’s next now that you’ve got your score?

RCG and Employera will use your QuickTake score to help us build your DEI IQ™ proposal so we can provide you an accurate, data-driven picture of where you are – and guide you to where you need to go.

To learn more, contact Kristin Hart at Kristin.Hart@raganconsulting.com. She’ll answer your questions and set up a complimentary call with one of our DE&I experts.

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