Custom workshops and virtual training

You and your team are hungry to learn, yet you can’t afford the downtime of traveling to a conference. None of those white papers you read or Google videos you watched seem quite right for what you need.

Relax. We’ve got you covered. Time for some hands-on help.

Our customized training workshops are built for your organization. We work with you in advance to tailor our training to your needs. These workshops can run anywhere from an hour keynote to two days.

Whether you want us to work with a small group or you plan to fill a stadium with eager learners, we can help. Dispersed workforce? No problem. We’ll webcast to your remote teams.

Here are some of our most in-demand topics:

  • School for scribblers. Our writing workshops teach your communicators how to be better reporters, writers and editors. (We also teach the ins and outs of business writing.)
  • Read all about it. Master PR writing in the brand journalism age, from story promoter to storyteller.
  • Lights, camera… Learn the tricks of video for internal comms. Small budget? No problem. Your smartphone is all you need.
  • Video storytelling. Take that, Megacorp Inc.! Video, the great equalizer, allows you to compete against bigger rivals.
  • Video storytelling 2.0. Fire up your video production: concept, scripting and production. Plus we’ll dish on how to measure business value.
  • Future shock. What’s next for measurement? Finally, learn how to prove social media’s return on investment.
  • Marching orders. Build an internal army of employee advocates.
  • Sweetness and light. Master the art and craft of speechwriting.
  • Razzle-dazzle. Discover the best editorial process for smashing-looking, informative infographics.
  • The scoop. How to be the best reporter in your organization.
  • Silo-smashing. Pull your entire team together—internal comms, PR and marketing—to create a 360-degree crisis comms plan.
  • Top-down comms. Find out how manager communication creates great places to work—meaning easier recruitment and retention of top talent.
  • Change agent. We’ll show you how internal comms can communicate change and achieve business results.
  • Pitch perfect. Newspapers are going belly up. Audiences are distracted. The remaining reporters are stretched thin. Here’s how to pitch a story that will get journos’ attention.

Contact Kristin Hart for more information.