Tailor-made Audits

 With all that’s happened in 2020, now is the time to take stock of your communications. What’s still working, and what isn’t? What needs to change, or improve, to keep your organization connected, collaborative and compassionate?  This is the time for a baseline assessment from which you can measure your progress going forward. We can help.

Ragan Consulting offers flexible, design-your-own virtual comms assessments. We’ll work with you to tailor your assessment to your needs, your priorities – and your budget. Some examples:

  1. The Classic Internal Comms Audit: Our post-COVID employee survey, virtual focus groups and interviews, content analysis and recommendations for improvements.
  2. The Content Package: A full assessment of your content, from editorial process and structure to story planning, writing and editing. Can be internal, external or both.
  3. The Internal Comms Strategy Package: Update your plan, reset your goals and define your measurement strategy.
  4. The DE&I Package: What’s your DEI IQ? We’ll use our exclusive diagnostic tool to identify the gaps in your efforts and recommend ways you can make your organization more inclusive.
  5. The Leadership Audit: A full assessment of your executive messaging, town halls, Op-eds and leadership comms on multiple platforms, including social media.
  6. The Managers Package: Managers are the conduit that connects leaders and employees. We’ll look at front-line communications, workforce huddles and accountability with the senior leadership team, among other assessments.
  7. The Crisis Package: We’ll analyze your current plan, suggest updates and provide training in crisis planning, along with simulation exercises.
  8. The Brand Audit: Do your visual assets align with your storytelling? Do they help give your message heft and depth? We’ll assess your decks, photography, infographics, infographics, font/colors and video.
  9. The Persona Package: Need to create targeted content for your diverse audience? We’ll build out employee or external audience personas based on research, so you can customize your communications to your audience types.
  10. Digital Comms Package: We’ll assess all of your digital tools, such as your intranet, employee app, collaboration tools and digital signage.
  11. Corporate Reputation Package: Want to know what your stakeholders think about your organization? We’ll assess how the media, government officials, industry partners, trade associations, NGOs—you name it—feel about your organization and your influence on how they act.
  12. Membership Association Package: Wondering how the current pandemic, social unrest and budget cuts have impacted your members? Want to gauge their engagement levels and whether you’re meeting their needs? We’ll identify the gaps and opportunities for improvement.

Advantages of virtual assessments:

    • We do all of these assessments virtually using video conferencing platforms, survey tools and email.
    • Focus group participation has actually grown during the pandemic, and the sessions are faster and easier to schedule.
    • Employees working from home are also more open to taking surveys.
    • We have the option to record all of our meetings as needed.
    • Fewer incentives are required for virtual participation.
    • Participants are more willing to be open and honest as work and personal lives have meshed.

Why now?

Is this the New Normal? The Next Normal? Is there anything normal about this? Whatever the case, solid data and metrics can help you fine-tune your strategies, improve your initiatives and connect better with a spread-out workforce.

How do I begin?

Reach out to Kristin Hart at Kristin.hart@raganconsulting.com to discuss your needs or to set up a call with one of our assessment experts. Or fill out this form below:


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Here are some essentials for performing an audit that gets measurable results.